Spring Checklist for Your Home Air Conditioning System

Posted: April 12, 2018

Air conditioner cleaning

Spring is here – believe it or not – and as incredible as it seems, soon you’ll be running indoors to beat the heat in the cool comfort of your Hudson Valley home.

In the meantime, it’s helpful to be a step ahead of the weather and start preparing for the cooling season to come. Here are six things you can do to prepare for the warmer days ahead (we promise, they’re coming!):

  1. Replace / clean your HVAC air filter. A clean filter means higher efficiency, cooler air, and less wear and tear on your air conditioner (which equals fewer repairs and a longer lifespan for your equipment). Be sure to start the cooling season with a clean filter (hint: a filter change is included in an annual tune-up – see #6 below).
  2. Clear debris from your outdoor unit. Remove covers from your condenser (your A/C’s outdoor unit) and sweep away large debris that accumulated in or around it. Don’t forget to clean the condenser’s “fins”: dirty fins can inhibit airflow, which reduces heat transfer and robs your system of efficiency (or worse).
  3. Open vents. If you closed vents during the winter, re-open them so your A/C can cool your house at full strength.
  4. Re-set your thermostat. Set your thermostat to “cool” or “auto”, at a temperature setting that helps your family stay comfortable. When you first start your A/C, set the thermostat for at least five degrees cooler than the room’s current temperature to be sure it will engage.
  5. Run your system. Give your air conditioner a pre-season test run for at least an hour. Is it blowing cold air? Do you notice any strange odors? If you have any problems it’s better to address them before you really your cooling system.
  6. Get a tune-up. Professional service is the best way to maximize your cooling system’s performance and efficiency – and to reduce the likelihood of needing costly emergency repairs down the road.

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