Propane Safety

Heritagenergy Propane Safety

Propane is an effective and efficient fuel for home use. But like any fuel, you must take precautions to use propane equipment safely. The following are basic safety guidelines for using propane safely in your home.

Propane Home Safety Guidelines

  • Propane leaks smell like rotten eggs. Teach your family to recognize the smell.
  • If you smell a leak, leave the house immediately and contact the fire department. When you leave the house, do not touch any electrical outlets or light switches.
  • If you suspect a propane appliance has sustained weather damage, contact us – we will send a technician to check and service your system.
  • Perform routine maintenance each year on your propane appliances. A service plan is an affordable way to keep your equipment running at its best – and safest.
  • Yellow flames on a range indicate a blocked air inlet. Contact us for service.
  • Clean propane furnaces regularly. Refer to your owner’s manual for instructions.
  • Learn the layout of your gas services lines so you don’t damage them while landscaping or performing renovations.
  • If sediment builds up in your propane-fueled water heater, drain your tank until water runs clean. Refer to your owner’s manual or contact us for instructions.
  • Check your system if you or a family member exhibit any of these carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms – headaches, dizziness, loss of muscular control, vomiting and watering of the eyes.


  • use a propane gas range or grill to heat your home
  • tamper with supply lines, safety devices, regulators or storage tank fittings
  • use an open flame to test for propane leaks

Stay Safe! Contact Heritagenergy today with any safety questions.

You can also read more safety information here.

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