Fall Is Coming – Here Are Four Ways You Can Plan Ahead!

Posted: September 20, 2017

Mother and daughter enjoying fall weather

Cool days and nights are not far away – and with them comes a new heating season.

Yes, ready or not, it’s time to start thinking about the fall – and time to make choices that will make life easier in the months to come. Here are four easy things you can do right now to plan for the autumn and winter ahead:

  1. Sign up for Auto Delivery – Never worry about running out of heating oil or propane again with our FREE Auto Delivery Service.
  2. Sign up for Auto Pay – Have your fuel bills paid automatically via your bank or credit card (EFT, MasterCard, Visa, Discover) – you’ll save the hassle of remember to pay your bills and avoid late payments!
  3. Sign up for a Budget Plan – Choose one of our Budget Plan options and you’ll get predictable monthly bills – a great way to plan your home budget.
  4. Prebuy your oil or propanePrebuy your propane early in the season (when prices are often lower) and you’ll pay the same price for every gallon you buy; no unexpected price jumps for your propane means more peace of mind for you. If you’re a heating oil customer, you can prebuy your heating oil with a price cap ; that means you can set the ceiling of your price while still taking advantage of any drops in the market that might occur.

Be ready for fall! Take advantage of our convenient services – they’ll take the hassle out of bill paying and save you some money, too. Contact us today to learn more.

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